Patient Cohort With Acute Fracture Diagnosed

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There were 216 (44.4%) patients in our 486 patient cohort with acute fracture diagnosed on maxillofacial CT. Of those with facial fracture, 164 (75.9%) were male, and the average age was 42.5 years (range: 18-90). Table 1 demonstrates the most prevalent injury mechanisms for those with facial fracture. Orbital fractures were most common, seen in 115 (53.2%) patients with facial fractures, followed by maxillary and nasal bone fractures (Table 2). Injury Severity Score (ISS) was recorded for 411 (84.7%) patients.
ISS was noted to be ≥ 16, indicating severe trauma, for 206 patients (41.5% of the total cohort; 50.1% of those for whom ISS was recorded).
Consultations from the head and neck surgical services (neurosurgery, otolaryngology, oral-maxillofacial surgery, and oculoplastic surgery) were obtained for
339 (67.8%) of the original 486 patient cohort, with 174 (34.8%) patients receiving
multiple consultations and 13 (2.6%) patients receiving consultations from all four services. Comparatively, head and neck surgical consults were obtained for 97.3% of patients with facial fractures, as opposed to 43.3% of patients without fracture, and multiple consultations were obtained for 65.6% of patients with facial fracture, as opposed to 9.3% of patients without fracture.
Comparison of outcome parameters between patients with and without facial fractures is demonstrated in Table 3. Patients with facial fracture spent at least one night in the hospital (including those in…
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