Patient Safety: A Positive Change in the Healthcare System Essay

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Vital improvement for patient safety has triggered an enormous amount of positive change in the healthcare system. There were “1.6 million adverse events each year that led to 180,000 deaths” (Liang & Mackey, 2011). In a review, avoidable errors led to $19.5 billion dollars in healthcare expenses (Liang & Mackey, 2011). The National Patient Safety Agency analyzed 425 deaths from acute care hospitals and found “15% of the deaths were related to unrecognized patient deterioration” (Higgins, Maries-Tillot, Quinton, & Richmond, 2008). This finding led to the Institute for Health Care Improvement’s promotion for the use of an early warning scoring system to assist with identifying deteriorating patients (Albert & Huesman, 2011).
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Can the early warning score system improve outcomes for patients? What system have been utilized and what were the outcomes? These are a few examples of questions to be answered.
Data and Information
Collection of available data was imperative. Important research for this topic included work related to early warning paper scoring system’s ability to interface with an electronic system. What is currently available? Has there been research on the application of the electronic interface? Has there been study related to the application of an electronic scoring system’s impact on early identification of a patient’s deterioration? Upon review of the literature, findings suggested there were many variations of early warning scoring systems. A system called the early warning scoring has been since 1999. Another example of warning system was the cardiac arrest triage score (Churpek et al., 2012). Upon review of OVID, MEDLINE, and EBSCO search databases from 2000-2013, several supportive materials were discovered. Search words included early warning signs of cardiac arrest, failure to rescue, and patient warning scoring systems was utilized. Next steps were to organize the articles. Organization began with the identification of most recent literature and then an evaluation of the credibility. Themes began to evolve, and another layer for organization became apparent. Articles then were

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