Patsy And Joby Analysis

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Patsy and Joby’s settinga are alike in many ways. One of those ways is the fact that there is lots of conflict going on in each story. One of those conflicts is in Patsy’s story and it’s the racism. Text from page 107 states the white doctor being racist to the black women who was once a slave. Page 107 states, “…said the doctor, ‘I don’t see what you people want to come up here for anyhow. Why don’t you just stay down South where you belong? You come up here and you’re just a burden and a trouble to they city.” Text from page 113 states the fact that the conflict in Joby’s story is the war. Page 113 states, “This story is about a Civil War drummer boy.”
However, Patsy and Joby’s settings are also different. One of the differences is the year that their stories take place in. Text above a picture of Joby on page 105 states, “Farm Boy, 1941, Charles Alston, Courtesy of Clark Atlanta University” Text from page 118 states, “He lay next to it, his arm around it, feeling the tremor, the touch, the muted thunder as, all the rest of the April night in the year 1862, near the Tennessee River…” Patsy Barnes and Joby the
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Text from Patsy’s story states his race. The author writes, “By all the laws governing the relations between people and their names, he should have been Irish- but he was not. He was colored and very much so. That was the reason he lived on Douglass Street. The picture from page 112 of Joby’s story is of Joby with white skin, a long coat, a hat, a drum, and drumsticks. The time and place affected Patsy because at the time of his story, people were still racist and not okay with the African Americans living in the North. Therefore, Joby was surrounded by racism and that changed his perspective on people. Text from page 107 suggests the white doctor being racist to the black women, Patsy’s mother. The text states, “The South deals with all of you better, both in poverty and
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