Paul 's Argument For A Believer Is Justified By Faith Essay

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Introduction This paper will explain what Paul meant by the expression “justified by faith” in the context of Paul’s argument in Romans, especially Romans 5:1. Firstly, an overview of Paul’s argument will be presented, followed by a metaphorical description of Pauline Justification. However, two leading scholars advocate different views on how a believer is justified, and so their claims will be presented to serve as an aid to better explain the expression. Secondly, this paper will provide an exegesis of key passages from Romans to further clarify the correct definition of this expression. Finally, from the evidence presented, the conclusion will explain what Paul meant. Overview of Paul’s Argument Romans can be divided up into two parts: one focusing on doctrinal issues (1-8), and the other on the practical application (12-16). Howbeit, there are three chapters devoted by Paul, to “an ardent excurses,” that seeks to understand the Jews rejection of the Gospel (9-11). Yet, some scholars argue that this excurses was in fact the pinnacle of Paul’s Gospel presentation, and his very reason for writing. In order to understand what Paul meant by, “Justified by faith” it is first important to understand Paul’s overarching argument (5:1). Therefore, a brief overview will now be given, highlighting important passages for later analyses. Paul establishes his argument strongly in an opening statement: The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, to all who believe, and from
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