Pearson's Correlation Paper

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The statistical tests that were used in the research article were Pearson's correlation which examined the correlations among the Independent variables : Caregiver level of education, Asthma Control, Asthma Management Stress, Life Stress and the Dependent Variable : Caregiver quality of life. The use of the Pearson's correlation was an appropriate test since the authors indicated in the beginning of the research article that their study would be examining the interrelationships of asthma control, stress and caregiver quality of life (Bellin,et al., 2013). A Pearson's Correlation test is used to identify both the magnitude and direction of a relationship that may exist between two variables (Polit & Beck, 2014). By using this Pearsons Correlation test the researchers did identify…show more content…
illustrated in Table 2., p. 132. Using this test the authors attempted to explain the variance in the Caregiver Quality of Life by some of the Independent variables and predict which of the IV's would impact the Caregiver Quality of Life.

These two statistical test were appropriate for this research study as described by the authors.

Type 1 error was minimized by the researchers by their setting their significance level (alpha) at 0.05. Using this significance level is important since it is the minimal acceptable alpha level used in research and minimizes the risk of a Type 1 error (rejecting a null hypothesis that is true) ( Polit & Beck, 2014).

A Type II error was not minimized since the authors did not discuss if they did a Power Analysis which identifies the minimum number of persons needed in the research study. "Power" is the ability of a statistical test to identify true relationships among variables (Polit & Beck,2014). The researchers did have a sample population of 300 in their research study, but they did not discuss in the article how they arrived at that
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