Pediatrics Scholarship Program

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“I swear to fulfil, to the best of my ability and judgment . . .” While reciting the oath, he closed his eyes and remembered the moment that had changed his life dramatically. He was only thirteen years old when one day, his English teacher asked him, “What are your goals in life?” This question left the boy speechless and shattered. He had never thought of this question before and could not even answer for himself. At the end of the school day, he returned home with the teacher’s question weighing heavily on his mind. He went to his bedroom and lied down in bed, where he spent a great deal of time staring at the ceiling, wondering about what he could have answered his teacher, but more importantly, what was his mission in life. Over the following …show more content…

Needless to say that I have enjoyed every minute spent in this scholarship program. A good illustration of this is that one day, one of the patients under my care was diagnosed with severe aspiration pneumonia. I had just scheduled my upcoming vacation, which coincidentally was to begin one day before his discharge from hospital. The patient’s mother, aware of my vacation plan, kindly asked if I would consider delaying my vacation until after her baby was discharged. She confessed, “I feel comfortable when I see you around, and I know that my boy is in safe hands with you”. At that moment, I truly realized how adequate care and compassion are two of the most important aspects of healthcare. Although pediatrics is often a challenging field, it can also be so …show more content…

I believe that in order to become and remain a respected physician, one must commit to continuous education and spend time as a researcher. I work hard in order to achieve exceptional results. I am convinced that the best way for me to continue in this path is by pursuing a pediatric residency and fellowship in Canada. This is one of my dearest dreams that has always been on my list of goals.

As I write this personal statement, I find myself completing an observership program in a well-know Canadian hospital. Although my time here will be short, I have had multiple opportunities to admire the quality of patient care, the excellent training that is offered, the professionalism from all the colleagues, but above all, the teamwork that occurs on a daily basis. These elements contribute to the success of any institution that I hope to be a part of in the near future. As an academic staff in a faculty of medicine, I wish to contribute in the long term not only as a physician to my patients, but also as a teacher to my students. It would be an honour to train medical students and residents who share that passion for medicine while helping to influence their choice and their motivation for pediatric

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