People Should Follow the Code of the West, Talk Less; Say More

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The code of the west is things to live by, they were never actually written down, but they were something that everyone in the west seemed to live by. It was a different time that these people lived in and a lot of the “laws” that they lived by are not even considered in today’s society. One of the “laws” that I believe should people should always follow is talk less, say more. This is something that means a lot to me and the world that I live, and grew up in. This is a code that does affect you throughout your whole life and never loses meaning, no matter how young or old you are. Talk less; say more is the most important and the most meaningful “rule” in the codes of the west. This code, talk less; say more, is one that still really…show more content…
In the game of basketball this is a big one. When someone falls and you help them up it says a lot about who you are as a person, yet if they fall and you say something to them that could be very rude, you are degrading yourself with the words that you have said. Players like this are known and people know them as the players that are very unrespectable and rude. The more they say the more they are hated and the less that people say the more they mean. Respect is something that is earned and it is not earned through the things that you say, but the things that you do. If you are trying to earn someone’s respect I guarantee you that if you just talked to them all of the time they would not like for that. You have to prove it through the things that you do and the ways that you act. This was a big thing back in the west. If a new guy came to town he did not earn respect through all of the people he talked to and the stories that he told, because those were just stories. He had to earn it by what he did. This is where actions really speak louder than words. Respect is also something that everyone in life is looking for, whether they know it or not and sometimes they think they have done everything to deserve it, when really they have not done the most important thing; prove they can follow up and what they say. You have to be able to back up all of the words that come out of your mouth with actions because there is just talking about doing something and then there is
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