People 's Attitudes And Personal Responsibility

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The aim of this report will be looking at people’s attitudes and personal responsibility to health and illness. It is hard to define health because there are many different explanations, The World Health Organisation describe health as ‘Not merely on absence of disease, but of complete physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing’ (WHO, 2003). This suggests that health cannot be atomistic and that all parts of health should be considered. The report will also be looking at illness: Eisenberg suggests that ‘Illnesses are experiences of disvalued changes in states of being and social function: diseases are abnormalities in the structure and function of the body organs and systems’ (Eisenberg, 1977) and suggests that
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To get the body back to a normal state of health the disease must be located and treated (Giddens, 2013) Another assumption is ‘mind and body dualism’, which means that the body and mind can be treated separately. Professionals will look to treat the problem in that specific part of the body, rather than treat the body holistically (Giddens,2013). In Late modernity there has been an implied empathises towards individuals responsibility being reduced when it comes to their health, this is one conception of technology imperative however, that may not be the case at all, when looked at it would seem that technology imperative has promoted a moral standing and allowing individuals to take responsibilities (Hofmann, 2002) technology imperative has also benefited society due to technology being a diagnostic tool and allowing treatments for medical illnesses. An important part of health, has been the access society has too the media and internet, this has allowed many people to gain information easily, individuals can find out what they need to know about their body, illness, and disease just by browsing the internet, it has been a big turning point for society however, the information if gathered from the wrong source could have bad impacts on a person’s wellbeing. For example, NHS, online, is great at symptom checking but can also lead someone to think they are seriously ill, when in fact they may just be suffering with the flu. Modern approaches to health and illness
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