Pepsi, Coke, And Pepsi

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So do I want to “Taste the Feeling” or “Refresh my World?” What does their websites tell us, will they sway our thinking one way or another? Coke and Pepsi make it clear that they are responsible for these websites. Therefore, the sponsor of these websites would be Coke and Pepsi. The Coke website is more legitimate than Pepsi because Coke provides a phone number, email, and street address unlike Pepsi who only has an email address and phone number. The author of the site is very clear, the websites are created by the Coke and Pepsi Companies, and so the facts are stated clearly. The copyright for Pepsi is Pepsi co Inc. and Coke’s copyright is 2016 The Coca-Cola Company. The copyrights were easy to find on both websites. The information found on Coke’s website is much clearer than that which is found on the Pepsi website. On it is harder to find what you are looking for, but Coke makes it easy to find information. Both websites are free of errors. Both companies have the responsibility for the accuracy of the material. Coke and Pepsi websites make sure they have all their information right before they post it. Both websites information is for public services so people can find out information about their product. The information on both website is for advertising purposes only not for selling their products. There is no other companies’ information on either of these websites.
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