Pepsi Summer Project Report

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I, Sushant Rai, feet privileged to be a part of IIPM, Satbari, New Delhi. I did my summer internship training in PepsiCo Holdings India Limited, an FMCG sector company. My project title is “ANALYSIS OF SALES PROMOTION AND DISTRIBUTION STRATAGIES OF PEPSICO”. The project’s basic objective is to study and analyze, the effectiveness of the distribution and supply network in Rural areas and how the company’s promotional schemes stimulates the products demand and how the retailers respond towards schemes, in Bathinda(urban) and Barnala(rural) areas of Punjab. In this project I surveyed in Bathinda (urban) and Barnala (rural) areas of Punjab, and asked selected questions to the Distributors and retail outlet owners who were…show more content…
Major strides in technology have considerably shortened time & distance. New products are launched & astonishing pace are available worldwide in a short time. Communicating ones media are proliferating new distribution channels & formats keep appearing. Competitors are everywhere & hungry. Marketing Mix : ( 4Ps OF MARKETING) Marketing mix is a by-product of customer oriented marketing approach. After identifying the market & gathering the basic information about it, the next step in the direction of market programming is to decide upon the instruments & the strategy for meeting the needs of the customers & challenges of rival sellers. According to W.J. Stanton, “ Marketing mix is a combination of four elements such as product, pricing structure, distribution system & promotional activities used to satisfy the needs of an organization’s target market & at the same time achieves its marketing objectives. Every business enterprise has to determine its marketing-mix for the satisfaction of the needs of the customers. Marketing mix represents a blending of decision in four areas product, pricing, promotion & physical distribution. These elements are inter-related, because decision in one area usually affects action in the others. Marketing mix is marketing manager’s instrument for the
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