A Short Note On The External Environment, Internal Capabilities Of Ryanair And Assess The Competitive Environment Essay

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The objective of this report is to appraise and evaluate the external environment, internal capabilities of Ryanair and assess the competitive environment. This project report also evaluates the marketing focus deployed by Ryanair in the year 2009 when the airline achieved a benchmark by being Europe’s largest carrier by passenger numbers and market capitalisation.
This report will also compare Ryanair with Pack’nSave, a 100% Kiwi owned and operated supermarket that claims lowest food prices for grocery shoppers throughout New Zealand. (Pack 'nSave, n.d.)

Formulating an effective marketing mix is like cooking your favourite dish with the right ingredients in right quantities. Imagine what will happen if you are preparing your favourite desert and you put in a lot of salt instead of sugar, or making a savoury chicken and put in a lot of sugar and miss out on the spices? I bet these dishes will be disasters and they will rest in peace in your garbage bin.
Marketing mix is nothing but a critical mix of right amount of efforts and mechanism that is made up of the product that an organisation offers, market segmentation and the marketing strategy, selling the product at the right price and to the right customers through right people.
We will see how Ryanair was successful as world’s one of the most favoured low-fare airline and how did it apply each of this mix by putting in the

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