Perception Of Perception And Presentation

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1. A relatively famous, but unattributed quote is, “Perception is Reality.” Do you agree with this? What implications does this concept have on managing others? View the short video posted and comment on the impact of perception and presentation. How might this impact the way in which managers present tasks/rewards, etc. to subordinates?
I completely agree with the quote “perception is reality”. The Oxford Dictionary definition of reality: “a thing that is actually experienced or seen”. Reality is based on experiences and personality which shape perception. Perception creates algorithms for the brain to filter, as well as contextualize, data. When receiving data, the brain uses filters the data using reference points based on previous experiences to interpret, understand, and store data. The same happens when the brain is filtering outgoing data, such as during a conversation—the brain uses previous experiences to filter and shape the way data is delivered. This plays into “perception being reality” because one person’s output may not match another person’s input. As mentioned in, perceptions are also based personality. For example if one is an introvert or extroverts (Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts).
It is very possible that two people in the same situation perceive it very differently. For example, Janet and Julie are going shopping. Julie tries on a pair of jeans and asks Janet for her thoughts. Janet replies, “those jeans don’t look good on you”. Unfortunately,

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