Performance Appraisal System Essay

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Develop a performance appraisal system. The following steps provide the basis for such a process: 1. Establish performance standards for each position. 2. Create policies on when and how to rate performance. Feedback should be given frequently and as close to the actual performance as possible. The appraisal process should include day-to-day instruction, in which a manager provides employees with constant, immediate, and specific feedback on performance. Formal evaluations should be made annually or semi-annually. 3. Gather data on employee performance during the evaluation process. Keep records of employee performance, noting outstanding accomplishments and deficiencies. 4. Evaluate employee performance, using a behaviorally based …show more content…

Involve employees in planning. Planning involves agreeing on a vision and developing a mission, goals, and strategies for goal achievement. By its nature, planning reduces uncertainty and provides a sense of direction for employees. Promote Employee Success. Past success tends to reduce stress. Therefore, you should define your role in terms of helping employees succeed. Here are a few suggestions: Instead of penalizing employees for low performance, identify and remove performance obstacles. Recognize and reward accomplishments. Nothing assures success more than regular feedback. Don't overload employees by asking them to assume multiple tasks and roles at the same time. Such employees are likely to experience unusually high levels of demand. To avoid this problem common in busy nonprofit organizations - make creative use of volunteers and interns rather than load one person with too many tasks. Select employees who meet the qualifications in the job descriptions. The goal is to match the employee's needs and abilities with the demands of the job. A mismatch leads to overload or underload conditions, both of which create stress. Provide orientation to new

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