Performance Management Plan for a Limousine Company

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Performance Management Plan The performance management system that will take place in the limousine company will consist of supervisors giving clear and developmental feedback (Suttle, 2014. Management in this organization should be able to review past performance, goals, and focuses on future development opportunities that are aligned to individuals and their goals. What will make this an affective process is to maximize staff engagement, focus on the development and performance of employees (Suttle, 2014. Supervisor should remain flexible in the field they are in, be efficient with the training procedures, measureable and fair (Suttle, 2014. The employer should also address the relationship of the employees and what they mean to the organization. This should start from the beginning of recruitment through development and the future plans within the company for those associates (Suttle, 2014. The alternative goal for this limousine company is to provide the highest level of customer service while meeting the needs of their clients with safe, dependable and affordable luxury. Manager should be held responsible and accountable for their decisions and provide information and resources to support the overall goal (Suttle, 2014). Ethical behavior and critical thinking is the power to having up great up keep in the organizational standards (Suttle, 2014). The leaders should be able to articulate a clear and compelling vision and model integrity, and innovative thinking. The
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