Performance Management ( Pm ) Essay

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Performance Management (PM). After doing a deep analysis of processes of The Knot’s human resources management, we present a breakdown of the areas of opportunity that we found to improve the employees’ performance appraisals. The aim of this initial assessment is to figure out the current problems that have cause the employees’ unconformity. Areas of opportunity PM Causes: 1. Lack of clear job analysis which describes objectives or goals, duties, tasks, standards of performance (expected results). Because of this, there’s no parameters of evaluation to compare with. 2. Lack of performance appraisals is due to the non-existence of a manager or supervisor role in each store, who would be responsible of these processes. 3. There’s no a performance appraisals in the organization for any kind of employees, new ones or longstanding ones. Effects: 1. The new employees receive an informal feedback with an informal coaching of experienced staff. There aren’t formal processes of coaching. 2. There aren’t performance assessments such as interviews, trait methods, behavior methods or results methods, that are suitable for this kind of business (services). 3. Despite there are customer’s complaints, The Knot hasn’t applied performance reviews methods. There’s no action plans to improve or correct performances. 4. There’s no any kind of program rewarding or recognizing for employees, decreasing their engagement toward company. 5. There are 3 longstanding employees who want to quit
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