Perks Of Being A Wallflower Psychological Analysis

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Abstract Perks of Being a Wallflower is a film about a 15-year-old teenager boy, Charlie, who deals with his first love, flashbacks of his Aunt and his own mental illness. Psychological background of Charlie gives shape to his current behavior. Actors made the film realistic. When Charlie had mental breakdown, Logan Lerman embraced its character wholeheartedly. However, the film is messy as the directors put together many psychological problems in one scene making it difficult to figure out the psychological patterns. It would have been better if the writers organized some of the scenes more carefully. On the other hand, the film is still the best among other psychological films based on teenagers. Introduction The purpose of the report is to arrive at some hypothesis about the main character Charlie, his behavior, personality and capabilities after doing some psychological research as the film was mainly based on him. Our major aim of this report is to understand how theories and concepts are applied to the main character Charlie in the film. The film focuses on the problems and diseases that teenagers face and they are unaware of it. For example, Charlie was suffering from mental…show more content…
They may start to lose confident and find it difficult to fit in with peers and make friends. If at any point teenagers feel like they are having mental illness, or they can’t deal with their emotions and want to commit suicide, they should visit a psychiatrist because therapies can help people improve their behavior, attitude and thinking. In the movie’s last scene, we can see that after the mental breakdown of Charlie, he wants to commit suicide, but his parents take him to a psychiatric hospital where he recovers. Afterwards, his life becomes more meaningful and full of
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