Perpustakaan Negara and Pusat Sains Negara

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Other than that, both the National Library, ‘Perpustakaan Negara’, and The National Science Centre, ‘Pusat Sains Negara’, have the same purposes in which to allow the public gain knowledges from their visits. The National Library building design was influenced by the concept of a traditional Malay men head gear called ‘tengkolok songket’ which can be seen exteriorly.

Most of the public building as mentioned above used a ‘traditional’ approach in it’s design concept. This indicated that part of the traditional influences is still being use locally in the progress of forming the urban characteristic of Kuala Lumpur.
Other than all the mentioned buildings in previous pages, the other major components in contributing urbanism in Malaysia is the old local shophouses which also had been the source of economic growth and helps in the local urban development around 1970s.

In 20th century, three storey shophouses were built in Kuala Lumpur and had been quite popular in comparison to other single and double storey shophouses in other places due to the high demand of land values and urban progression to accommodate increasing capacity, also to provides enough neccessities and needs of the town people back at that time. Although the storey height of the shophouses is increasing, the plot arrangement and layout remains the same along the existing street following the traditional method of linkages. Practically,this kind of development using the traditional linear style blocks along

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