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Cedara Harris
English 2
28 Novemeber 2016

Queen of Spring

Persephone is the daughter of Demeter the goddess of nature and Zeus the god. Her symbol is the torch her roman name is Proserpine and her husband is Hades. She is the Queen of the underworld and spring. She was also called Core (Cartwright). This paper it will be talking about Persephone the Queen of the underworld and spring and how she got abducted, her powers, and what’s her basic background.
This is how she had got abducted by Hades the god of the underworld. She was abducted by Hades as known as the brother of Zeus. One day she was is in her meadow picking flowers, and the brothers decide to trap her. Since Hades was so in love with her, he made the ground split. That way she could fall through the crack into the underworld where she can be with him, and he could have her all to himself (Greek Myth).
He given her
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When she disappeared everything was dying and wilting because of presence was no longer there. And her mother also stop everything and left because of her daughter’s absence.Once she returned everything went back to the way it was so they everything was growing as should (London). She is the goddess of vegetation and her mother is the queen of nature.
She had two children by Hades Melinoe and Zagreus. She has both boy & girl. She has thirty-three siblings in total. They all have different mothers and the same father of course. She was worshipped along side with her mother Demeter (Lawrence).
In conclusion she was a goddess of spring who got abducted by Hades the god of the underworld and was forced to live with him. She also has two kids with and becomes the queen of the underworld. He marries her,so they have a family now. Nonetheless, she does go to earth and stays for a little while. However, she soon returns back to her husband in underground world. Basically that is the story of the queen of underworld,
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