Persepolis Book Report

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Persepolis is the story of Marjane Satrapi, the only child of two Marxists, growing up during the harsh times of the Islamic Revolution, the overthrow of Shan’s reign and the calamitous emanation of the war with Iraq. Marjane relatives would support the revolutionaries by attending to political protests, including his uncle Anoosh, who she made a deep bond with after he returned from the U.S.S.R., for the cause that Iranians believed he was a spy. This bond does not seem to fade away, not even after he is executed. Marjane’s family made her become invested in the world of social activism, where she wanted to eliminate the inequalities and injustices, and where no one had to suffer. Her goals are not met when they start bombing Tehran, her hometown,…show more content…
Some things really shocked me, such as Mehri, Marjane’s family’s maid. In pge 34, we are informed that Mehri’s family decided to give her away, for they already had too many children. Not only the willingness of the family surprised me, but also the fact that because she was a lower class, she could not do certain things. Marjane explains, as she is writing Mehri letters for her lover, how she didn’t know how to read and write (pg 35), or that because she was a lower social class than their neighbor’s son, they could not be in love (pg…show more content…
What we may here see as a non significant change or choice, someone else, somewhere else, could see it as a barbarity. Hearing the story of Marjane gives people the ability of comparing their lives and culture to hers. It helps us understand not only that people believe in many other things out of our ordinary, but also the reason why they do so. Literature can help us realize how everyone is different in some sort of way, but how we all have feelings, no matter where we come from. It is not the same thing to read a history book, with percentages and ratios, than to read through someone else’s eyes, with happiness and
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