Persepolis Essay

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Many Characters in novels face a challenge where rebellious acts are necessary. In Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland and Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, some characters face a difficult challenge where they thought rebellious acts are necessary. In the Lowland, Udayan is one of the main characters who believe equality. He believes violent and disobedient acts against the Indian government to bring equality. Udayan focuses to bring equality to the peasant and poor classes. He manages to protest and act after India is freed from imperialism from England. And, in Persepolis, Marji believes in her ideal to pursue western and secular lifestyle. The depiction of her life in the graphic novel reveals many rebellious phases …show more content…

Readers see that Udayan tries to use his radical ways to bring equality, but failures because he never achieves his dream. He finds himself in the dark after his failed mission when the chemical explodes. His hand gets hurt and becomes disabled, and readers predict that end is coming soon for him. Udayan fails and struggles to cope with his failure, then the Indian police capture him and execute him while his family watches. Udayan’s radical rebellious actions illustrate that damage can only do harm. There is no righteousness in Udayan’s injustice action and faces his consequence. Unlike Udayan, Marjane holds her belief in her western idea. She does not conform to Islamic Revolutionists’ ideal and then escapes from her country. Udayan dies following his goal, but Marjane lives even though she holds the western ideals to be free. She is a citizen of Iran who supports Iran government before the Islamic revolution. She also enjoys the freedom that Iran had after the tyrannical king was overthrown. She embraces freedom for the short time and continues to practice during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Readers can analyze her rebellious nature. She practices her western ideas while the Islamic revolutionists banned all western practices. For example, she listens to western-cultured music. Also, she asks her parents to buy western music posters which were illegal. Her family promoted Marjane’s freedom by celebrating in parties. They

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