Person Centred Care Essay

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Person Centred Care As part of assessment of the older adult and other population’s module, I have been asked to write a piece on a person centred care model. As the name implies person centred care is delivering individualised care which meets the needs of that particular person, be they religious, emotional, physiological needs etc. As a person they are entitled to respect, dignity, compassion and autonomy, which are central to the concept of person centred care. ”The rights of individuals as persons is the driving force behind person centred healthcare” (McCormack, 2003). In 1991, the UN made explicit the Principles for Older Persons; these include independence, participation, care, self-fulfilment and dignity. These principles are closely …show more content…

In 2009, An Bord Altranais published guidelines for nursing older people, person centred care and its provision was discussed in depth as a Standard in Nursing Practice, it is also the number one Standard in Nursing Practice. Person centred nursing care is provided within the organising framework of assessment, identification of needs, planning, implementation and evaluation (An Bord Altranais, 2009). Besides her hair going grey and wrinkles appearing a number of other changes are slowly happening within the body during the ageing process. These include changes to the cardiovascular system, the digestive system, cognition and memory, the bladder, bones, the senses and sexual function. ( ).Their functionality may slow down, or begin to fail, leaving the older person in the care of a nurse. I t is the nurses duty to deliver person centred care in doing so recognise the individual and their unique interests, qualities, needs and preferences, rather than solely focusing on the illness. ( …show more content…

The need for older people to have their autonomy to make a decision and be an active partner in the decision making process must be recognised and is an essential component in person centred care. ‘’The older person and family have the right to make informed decisions about all aspects of their care and the nurse respects the level of participation desired’’ (An Bord Altranais, 2009). Nurses most realise the importance of patients participation in their care and strive to uphold it as a principle of person centred care, ‘’Lack of time and/or restrictions on patients choice and involvement, was listed as the number 1 factor to hinder quality nursing care’’ (An Bord Altranais, 2009). As nurses it is our responsibility to take the time to overcome communication barriers, for example, a hearing or speech deficit. The nurse can opt to use non-verbal communication to facilitate the decision making process for the patient. Patients are entitled to information about every aspect of their care and should be frequently updated. Information about management and prevention of conditions, procedures, assessments and investigations ,diagnosis, treatment, follow on care, referrals and services available to patients( i.e. health, social) should all be disclosed to patient (Department of Health,2001). If they

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