Person Centred Care Is A Healthcare Profession

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Person centred care could be defined as focusing on a person’s individual needs, wants, wishes and where they see their target goal. Person centred care also takes into account delivering person centred care to the patients family and carers, as well as the multidisciplinary team that is working together to provide care. The service user is the most important person in decision making for their health care and the nursing process. (Draper et al 2013). Person centred care reminds nurses and care staff that they are caring for the service user, their families and care staff providing the care, this allows the patient power in decision making towards their health and wellbeing. (Pope, 2011) Peter Crosta M.A (2014) says that nursing is a healthcare profession focused on caring for the service user and their families giving the best possible quality of care to a service user no matter their condition until death. It will allow the service user to recover from illness, control their illness or reach an optimal status of health that they can control. Hunt et al (1994) suggests that the profession of a nurse would place great importance on nurse training and states that a nurse cannot be competent at something unless they have specific training on an area. 6 C’s providing care Every nurse should have professional values in order to guide their practice in delivering the best possible care. Providing care to service users should be their first concern and it should be of a high
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