person centred care

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Name: Lucy Banner Student Number: 1201133 Award: Adult Nursing Cohort Number: 213 Personal Tutor: Jane Banks Module code: 4NH007 Title of Assignment: Exploring Patient Centred Care from Nursing Perspective Date of Submission: Named Marker: Robert Preece Number of words: This assessment is my own work, which not been completed in collusion with other student’s and complies with University of Wolverhampton plagiarism policy. On a female only respiratory ward in the West Midlands a patient was admitted to the ward with chest pain and shortness of breath. Her name was withheld in order to conform with patient confidentiality (Dimond, 2002). Due to being registered deaf, the patient had difficulty communicating …show more content…

Therapeutic communication, hearing, visual and touching should be used (Smith, 2012, pp.5-7). The Health Foundation (2014) states that ‘Person-Centred Care show an important way to make the patient feel involved in their own care’. If the patient has control over their own body and mind, then they will have an understanding of what is happening to them. Person-centred care is in place for the patients, staff and families all to get involved in the planning, care and discharge. It involves compassion which is important in a nurse’s role as the patient enters unfamiliar territory. All staff needs to consider the patients respect and dignity is upheld, with closing curtains, covering up the patient and asking for consent to enter the patient’s bed space. Person-Centred Care was followed in the scenario. The Doctor and the nurses asked for the family to come in to discuss the care of the patient. The nurses communicated with a friend of the family because the patient’s partner also had a hearing impediment. Then they communicated with the patient and told her it was in her best interest if she allowed the staff to care for her. The leg began to weep through the dressing. It was over due to be changed. She still refused help. The student nurse who was helping the patient seemed to have a positive impact on her. Price (2006, p.50) states that the person centred care approach needs different frameworks

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