Person-Organisation Fit In Recruitment

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The recruitment of employees is a costly expense to any business, so it pays to ensure that the recruitment process will reflect in the attraction of the most suitable candidates. When a business recruits the right person, provides training and ensures they can ‘fit in’, the employee is more likely to achieve the desired outcomes the business has set out for them. This essay will examine the notion of ‘person – organisation fit’ and its relevance in the recruitment and selection process.
In traditional recruitment, the emphasis is on matching the candidate with the position. It is key to ensure that the individual is compatible with a role and that the recruiter can then pursue the best matching of employee knowledge, skills and
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Therefore, hiring individuals with a strong person-organisation fit perception would be advantageous to an organisation in gaining a competitive advantage.

Not surprisingly then, many companies have turned to technology as part of their recruitment process. Technological advances have played an influential role on recruitment, with an increasing number of applicants turning to the Internet as part of their job search. Studies of young people particularly Gen Y’s, entering organisations in the last couple of decades suggest that work and career are not central in the life as it used to be as they see more options for themselves and are increasingly exercising those options. There is evidence to suggest that young persons have unique values and expectations with regard to organisations and job seeking, particularly involving the importance of work-life balance (Twenge, Campbell, Hoffmann, & Lance, 2010). Therefore it is difficult to plan for effective future recruitment because of these distinctly different views of younger people differs and, the expectations of the organisation.

Compton et al. (2009) recommends that it may be beneficial to look at recruitment for three different stages; those needed to account for labour turnover, recruitment for short term growth and recruitment for long term growth of the organisation. Commitment to an organisation can only be measured
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