Personal Analysis of Epicurus Reserach Paper

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The topic of this research paper is about Epicurus and how he played a role in Ancient Greece. This assignment had to be done individually. In this research paper I had to do many things. I first had to get sources of my philosopher. I had to obtain two physical sources and a minimum of one internet source. Then when I had my sources I had to write a 2-3 page research paper on philosophy and the role that it played in Ancient Greece pertaining to the value of individuals and the role government should play in society. This took two days for research and a week to type the essay. The critical thinking skills I learned was purpose, question,information, inference, concepts, assumptions, implications, and point of view. I like information …show more content…

One perspective is Epicurus and I had to discuss the ideas he had about government. Another perspective is me and I had to explain if I agreed with Epicurus’s views and then I had to explain if his ideas was similar to the direct democracy. This shows fairness because I included multiple perspectives for a view point. Also it shows breadth because I was varying perspectives. I had several concepts of Epicurus. I explained that he believed everyone can live in peace, school, and to not interact with the government. This explains that I used depth because I expanded on my philosophers beliefs.

In developing my research paper I needed assumptions, inferences, implications about Epicurus and his beliefs. One assumption I had about Epicurus was that he valued things seriously. I assumed this because when I found evidence that he didn’t want to take any part with the government, I realized that he was serious about the world and he valued things that the government might not like. A inference I had about Epicurus’s beliefs was that he stressed education. Plato stressed education too so I inferred that they both thought that education is the key to a successful life. This shows that I used logic because I was using reasoning for assumptions and inference. A consequence Epicurus might have faced if the government knew what he was doing is that he would be sentenced to death and the philosophy Epicurus believed and

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