Reflection Paper On Global Warming

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In the first day of English 101 Climate Change and Multimedia class, Professor Sheila Tefft assigned the class to write a self-reflection about our perspective on writing. I wrote that I use recursive strategy, which is writing in the order of a thesis statement, topic sentences, evidence, analysis, and conclusion. Knowing this approach, I thought I would be successful. However, I encountered more challenges in this class than a success.
I encountered a challenge in the first major assignment, which was writing a research paper after reading Mark Lynas' Six Degrees. In this research paper, we had to address our opinion on one environmental issue, and I asked myself whether vertical farming could be a potential solution to stopping deforestation in Brazil. The objective of this writing, according to the syllabus, was to learn how to "summarize, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the ideas of others as we [you] undertake a scholarly inquiry to produce our [your] own arguments." I exactly followed this step. I first did a general research on vertical farming and deforestation in Brazil, analyzed the information, synthesized the main argument, and delivered my thought to my audience, who are general public and proponents believing vertical farming is the future of agriculture.
The challenge had started when I had changed my opinion from vertical farming can stop deforestation to vertical farming cannot stop deforestation. It was a struggle to me, as pundits have already proven

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