Personal And Professional Nursing Practice

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Clinical Question Paper The nursing profession is one that is ever changing. As a profession that is created and based upon scientific research, the way in which nursing care is delivered is continually being modified and altered to reflect the latest and most up-to-date evidence based research findings. However, not all research findings are going to be applicable or appropriate for integration into nursing care. Consequently, the ability for nurses to be able to interpret and understand these research findings is also important, in order to make the most informed, educated, and knowledgeable nursing decisions before integrating such research findings into clinical practice. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to reflect on how nursing knowledge is dispersed and disseminated in both personal and professional nursing practice. Clinical Question When in comes to enacting a possible change in nursing practice, a clinical problem or issue needs to be identified. Once a problem has been acknowledged, the process towards change is one that involves a multifaceted approach. The development of a clinical question is the first step in the process. In the nursing profession, this question is typically constructed using the PICOT format. Developed by Fineout-Overholt and Johnston, this five-letter acronym stands for: P = patient or population, I = intervention or issue of interest, C = comparison intervention or current practice, O = outcome desired, and T = time need to achieve
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