Personal Autobiography : My First Grade Teacher Mr. Rodriguez From Oak Grove

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Educational Autobiography My journey to my education started a long ago. It all started in the first grade when I had a setback and struggled in trying to learn how to read. The setback aspired me to work hard to achieve my goal in learning how to read. I knew that I had a growth mindset because according to Dweck “Those with a growth mindset reported that, after a setback in school, they would simply study more or study differently next time” (Dweck2). In other words, Dweck believes that those with a growth mindset want to learn and don’t want to give up. By solving my problem with trying to learn how to read my first grade teacher Mr. Gonzalez from Oak Grove helped me and motivated me to understand the concept of reading. Every day during recess I would stay in Mr. Gonzalez’s class room and we would read books and he would read the sentence first then have me read the sentence. He would tell me that I needed to read a little bit faster. Mr. Gonzalez would praise me for my effort in reading the book and that made me want to learn how to read more. Dweck writes himself “That the children that were praised for their effort wanted the task they could learn from” (Dweck3). Dwecks point is that children that want to learn want to be admired for their effort. I had another setback in the first grade and that was with trying to learn how to write. By having this problem, I was still optimistic that I would learn it later on if I kept working hard. Struggling with reading and

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