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I teach CPR and first aid classes at Hannibal and Pike Island Lock and Dams for the Pittsburgh District of Army Corp of Engineers. I am stationed at Hannibal full-time but I am the instructor for the next Lock and Dam north of us for CPR and first aid. I hold an American Red Cross Instructor Certificate for CPR and first aid. (17. Combat Lifesavers). During CPR training the hand placement on the chest must be demonstrated along with how to open the airway, give breaths, and compression to breaths, on the “CPR mannequin”. To be certified one must perform CPR on the mannequin, pass the written test, and perform other hands on tasks. The “mannequin” has lights to indicate if the rhythm and depth of the compressions are correct. …show more content…

When one feels helpless and hopeless suicide comes to their thoughts and those thoughts need curtailed. At this point, the person needs to improve coping strategies, identify risk factors, and seek counselling. Persuasion is changing someone’s stance on a topic; it is important in suicide prevention. The persuasion must be based on facts to persuade and motivate the person, not opinion. You must form logical arguments with fact based responses to sway someone to your way of thinking. 4. Using Communication to Teach A. How I Use Communication Skills to Teach Teaching creates an effective way to communicate that permits verbal, written, and nonverbal usage. When teaching it is important to speak loud or use a microphone and be clear, as a Drill Sergeant this was easy; we learned to project our voice from the diaphragm. In Drill Sergeant School we were tested from 100 meters away, to assure the instructor could understand our verbal commands. (5. Drill Sergeant School). During lectures and meetings I give details to highlight, information in the form of a Power Point, outlines, maps, graphs, or schematics to assist in communicating information to my audience. As with giving a speech—if possible open

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