Personal Essay: How Jarebear Changed My Life

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Jarebear somehow was the nickname I received when I was younger. At the time I hated the name and my Mom just loved it. The name faded away for a couple years then on my 12th birthday my Mom Brought rice crispy treats in and wrote a letter to Mr. Rettinger. In the letter Jarebear came up and if you know Mr. Rettinger he’s going to have fun with that. Jarebear flew around and today my buddies still won’t let it go. Ashcraft comes from a sweaty dweller on a farm who grew ash trees. To be honest I've probably never even heard of an Ash tree farm. I know that the Ashcraft family has a long line of hard workers. Whenever we split wood or do any type of work where everyone is involved the job gets done quick and easy.
Over the time I've made many goals this year to have a diet, and have good grades. This year I would really like to pursue these goals and come up with fun ways to do them. Some of my hobbies are just being with crazy friends and fun family, fishing, hunting, and riding with them. It's exciting going on vacations and adventurous places with them. One of my favorite things to do is ride quads and dirtbikes. My family has a large 105 acres in Indiana with …show more content…

They provide for me, teach me, and show me how to be the best I can. One of the best things they do for me are giving me responsibility and make me appreciate what I have. My parents have taught me almost everything I know. My papaw is 58 years old and one of the toughest and hardest working person I know. He retired last year because of heart surgery he had. He eats the greasiest food you could think of. He lives with my Aunt Joe and Uncle Ray, every morning he’ll fry up some eggs and go to his chicken farm. Nothing slows him down, takes care of all his chickens, gets the eggs, feed them and most important protects them. He Loves to hunt more than anything. There are lots of coyotes, squirrels and rabbits to keep him

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