Personal Essay: My Love And Passion For Hockey

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As the skates cut through the ice my first pass ever slides to my linemate he cradles the puck, shoots and scores! At the age of seven I get my first point in my sports history. From literally that point on I fell in love with hockey, Canada's pastime. Hockey introduced myself to a lot of possessions including new friends. New friends may not be a prodigious deal to a few people, but it is to me considering that I live in a neighborhood with little to none kids. Not just finding friends but it helped me to be more interactive instead of being shy. Finding friends was challenging for me considering I lived in a neighborhood with minute number of kids. As a shy young kid, it is hard to meet new people. Since hockey is a team sport, it gave me the opportunity I needed to introduce myself to my teammates and teach me the importance of team chemistry. Out of town tournaments was a tremendous way for us to bond because we all would go to the pool and love playing mini sticks, we all just related to each…show more content…
But after a couple of seasons my parents wanted to have myself more active than just street hockey and video games. Since my parents saw the interest I have in sports from always watching sports on tv with them plus, my love and passion for hockey. My dad decided to sign me up for baseball during the summer so it could get me off the video games. Sports may not have always the subject but I enjoyed but as soon as I tried it became the something I held dearly to my heart . But it was a huge sigh of happiness for my parents because I was allergic to some many foods including ,eggs, meat and, a lot of what I can eat is a lot of junk so junk food of course is not helped me but sports specifically hockey helped me stay in shape Hockey gave me that path to other sports it gave me the courage to try new sports and new
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