Personal Goal Research Paper

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The Path to Achieving My Personal Goal Throughout my life, I discovered that there was more to being in charge than managing the people around you. Managing a workforce requires a specific skillset that enables an individual to have a vision and align the right people up with achieving a specific goal. Even that isn’t enough though. To be a successful manager in any organization you must be able to not only manage the work being performed, you must also provide the inspiration needed to the employees appointed to you. Employees that are inspired perform their very best not because they need to, but because they want to. It is what drives them to continue moving forward through what could be an uneventful and mundane career. This skill that motivates employees to get things done through inspiration is called Leadership and every organization can benefit from it. That is why I decided to create my focus area on Organizational Leadership. I am currently working as an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Officer at the Chicago …show more content…

I do however find myself in need for improving my skills in implementing organizational change, negotiating, and conducting meetings. It is no surprise that these skills fall within the business management skills. Although modern-day business has modeled itself around the military, it has added or adapted skills needed to function as a private organization (VanVactor-Gill, 2010). I will require additional experience with negotiating, implementing organizational change, and conducting meetings. Luckily, I work for an organization that allows me to perform all three. I figure my Professional Advisor will be able to assist me with transferring skills learned in the military to skills used in the “civilian world.” I will also require my committee to provide honest feedback as to additional coursework needed to complete my

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