Personal Goals : Goals And Goals

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Life is all about choices, what do you want to eat, who do you want to hang out with and where do you want to attend college? These choices shape and create who we are. However, as important as choices are they do not guide us. The goals we set for ourselves are our guides. Goals can determine whether a person succeeds or fails (Hyatt). Goals give us a sense of direction, a sense of self worth and a sense of excitement (Locke & Lathem 2002). In my classroom I ask students to create goals every year. I ask them for two academic goals and one personal goal. I enjoy doing this activity because it gives my students guidance and something to shoot for. I create goals in every aspect of my life. Some of my goals include professional goals with coaching and teaching, some goals are personal goals and lastly some are goals are family related. Throughout this paper I will be talking about goals. This paper will discuss advantages of goal, S.M.A.R.T. goals and types of goals.
There are many benefits for setting goals for yourself or the company you manage. Through this next paragraph we will be talking about the four main benefits of goal setting. The first benefit is goal setting makes you self-aware (Benefits of Goal Setting). When a person becomes self-aware they know their strengths and their weaknesses. When a person knows their strengths and weaknesses they can chose the strategies and steps they want to take to achieve the goal they set. The second benefit of goal setting is
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