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Metaphysics What is Roderick Chisholm's account of 'loose' identity through time, as opposed to 'strict' identity? Roderick M. Chishlom uses several similar examples in order to showcase his mindset concerning one of the oldest philosophical topics regarding identity. Notion that everything is changing and constantly transforming has been explored both on philosophical and scientific levels. Constant recycling of materialistic particulars is a process that is happening on everyday bases. Even though the fact of transformation is pretty well known there is still an enigma surrounding on what is helping those transforming objects to keep there identity as they remain on specific consistent spatiotemporal tangent of…show more content…
Successive nature of those tables enables us to look at this issue from either loose or strict point of perspective. If one decides to look at it strict philosophic context, it can be argued that there were three tables on three different days occupying same exact space, hence if one decides to look at this from loose point of perspective it can be said that the table remains the same despite the fact that table CD has zero original parts, but even though it might not have original parts it still is a successor of table AB and a direct successor of table BC which is a direct successor of table AB. this undefined link that all three tables share through time helps it to retain its given identity. Going back to original problem of the Ship of Theseus it becomes apparent that loosely speaking the ship that was going from point A to point B is still the same ship even though it underwent plethora of changes to the point that it lost all of its original parts. On personal bases I don’t object this interpretation because it does not deny the fact that change is happening rather in order to tackle with this issue one has to properly express his thoughts via linguistic medium, therefore saying that the ship of Theseus on point A is not the same ship that it became after arriving on point B is true on strict bases but loosely speaking it is same to its original counterpart due to following
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