Personal Leadership. Outstanding Leadership Should Be A

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Personal Leadership Outstanding leadership should be a way of life for leaders. Leaders should strive to be the preeminent leader they can be for their followers, co-workers, their bosses, and the organization as a whole. Consequently, how a leader leads, their leadership style or characteristics will affect or leave an impression on the people around then and can have a lasting effect on a follower. Leadership is a significant part of my daily routine. I continually strive to be better than some of the individuals that have influenced my life. Moreover, I have had both outstanding experiences and terrible experiences with different leaders that have crossed my path. Amazingly, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate which types have …show more content…

We take on several projects at one time and are successful due to our communication skills, support for each other and we accomplish the job and it is completed effectively and efficiently. If there is a problem in the group, we stop and discuss it, right then so we put everything out on the table, work through it, so the work can continue without fail. There is no fear, so communication flows freely. This group is by far one of the best I have ever worked within an organization. In addition, I took the Social Motives in the Work Setting assessment, in which I scored twenty-six in two categories. I scored high in the achievement-oriented social motives and a strong concern for human welfare. A high score in achievement-orientated social motives states that the leader wants to discover, create and build. Characteristics can be described as successful, competent, skillful, and productive individuals. A high score in the category of a strong concern for human welfare means individuals care about people and a desire to serve humankind. Characteristics of these leaders are helpfulness, selflessness, and the genuine well-being of others (Bethel University, 2011). These two social motives meshed together make sense to me. I do have a strong desire for people, I am in the field of Human Resources, and I chose this field to help people. However, my drive for achievement keeps me productive and I consider myself extremely competent

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