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Personal Statement Describe an example of your leadership experience of your leadership experience in which you have possibility influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time? Leadership has a lot of different meanings to the people but to me it means to me is guide or help someone with hard assignment you just need to give them advice or just a push and do what is right not what is easy. Some experience of leadership I had was in high school when you get groups assigned and I will be the leader because I was open mind and was helping everyone with there problems and I will always get the stuff done on time. I think I influenced people with my leadership they look up to me I just told them to be responsible, respectful and to be pursuing an passionate. Leadership can help you in the future because you have more learning with collaborating with coworkers and team members and being a leader in the future you need to have goals long or short term. Some examples of being a good leadership is to have a positive attitude, motivation and creativity as leader you have to make decisions that do not have a clear answer so you can able to think outside of the box that last one is communication you need to be able to talk with your group and come up with a way to disagree or to make a great decision. Another example is to have nonverbal communication, be open minded, conflict resolution, good judgement you need this because leadership is about

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