How To Write A Reflective Essay On Leadership

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Personal Leadership Reflection Paper
What are some of the personal dynamics in my life that impact my leadership style? I believe that it all starts with me and how I raise my children. As a parent, you are called to be a leader. We teach our children to be honest, respectful and, do their best at whatever they set out to accomplish. We do this in hopes that when the time comes for them to leave home, they will have a firm understanding of what it takes to be a good person. The similarities in parenting roll into my leadership at work. As a leader, we apply the same principles that we are teaching our children to our constituents, in hopes that they aspire to grow in their professional lives.
Coaching 4-7 year old little league baseball has been another personal daynamic that has recently inclucend my leadership. I realized that just the smallest things can mean the most to someone. When one of our boys hit the ball well or made a good ply, it put a smile on two faces, thiers and mine. I realized that a deputy getting a good job for the smallest things like making an arrest or changing a tire could put a smile on an employees face and make them feel better about the job that they do. As a leader we sometimes become too focused on the bigger picture, and forget about the smaller things that make a difference.
I think that teamwork is a style of leadership that is vital to our agency. Our organization is a smaller agency consisting of 25 sworn employees. Our patrol shifts

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