Personal Leadership Style. Every Organization Has A Management

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Personal Leadership Style
Every organization has a management team, with the success the organization in the hands of these leaders and managers. How the organization is run is generally determined by the executive leaders and filtered down through a series of positions on an organizational chart. In hospital healthcare, at the end of the chart is the care provided by the nursing staff. Leadership styles are varied and there is no correct theory, however every leader must recognize which theory they practice and be aware of any pitfalls or downside to the chosen theory. I have always believed my leadership style to be democratic and recently confirmed this with the use of Clarks (2004) Leadership Style Survey. The purpose of this paper is
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This is a process could be improved upon as the staff and the leader become more accustomed to working in a partnership as opposed to a dictatorship.
The role of the nurse leader is only one part of a nursing organization, with management also lending a large share of the decision-making process and planning. At times the role of the leader and manager may appear to blur, however one can define the manager as the person who organizes, plans and directs others. This management role will seek to accomplish organizational goals by means of the available resources (Huber, 2014). I tend to need information before I react in a situation and as such, I ponder most decisions after thorough investigation. I need to know what is needed to happen in order to decide how to plan and organize a response. There are many management theory models, but for this writing, I have chosen to discuss Contingency Theory Management (CTM) which is in line with my style of managing. CTM is, in actuality, a leadership theory which has a role in management also. Using CTM, one would look at the current circumstances and any requirements before making decisions (Huber, 2014). CTM is confronted with ever changing needs and therefore, the type of management theory used may too change along with the needs. The manager who uses CTM will have the option of integrating other management theories as needed. Chaos Theory is the randomness or unknown which can
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