Personal Mission Statement

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Personal Mission Statement Section I: My Role in My Education I am currently in the second year of my educational plan. I have almost completed one session here at DeVry and have done two pervious sessions online with Limestone College. In four years, I will be at the end of my education and beginning a career in Hospital administration. This is where I will strive to make an effective change to the current system. My ultimate goal is to become head of administrative services at the Medical University of South Carolina where I am employed currently and be a positive role model for my children. I have worked with my academic advisors to arrange my classes strategically. This will ensure that my classes have been selected carefully.…show more content…
This causes us to be late on bills and affects our credit as well each month, which will eventually hurt me when I try to buy a home. • How much- 100% of my paycheck goes my bills and my mother’s expenses. 100% of my husband’s check goes to bills, groceries, and gas. This leaves only 0% from each paycheck to go toward savings. Step 3: Generate Solutions by Brainstorming Several solutions could be possible in solving the problem. 1. I could remove my mother from her private home and she could move in with my family. 2. My husband and I could get a higher paying job and eliminate the part time jobs. 3. We commit to a strict budget and begin saving 20% of our gross income each month to build our savings. At this time, my father lives in Washington State along with my stepmother. They are our cheerleading team and want to see me reach my goal of graduating from college. They have committed to helping whenever they can and have decided to move to South Carolina to assist us with the rearing of our children and care for my mother. This is also a positive reinforcement as it helps to give me the drive to accomplish my goal and make my family proud. The techniques I have learned in this course will aid me in analyzing this situation. I have learned to use critical ting methods and come up with a possible solution. In this case, I will use futureing to help me come up with solutions. Once I have come up those solutions, I can rank them to see which ones I
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