Personal Narrative: A Career As A Nurse

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“You’re going to get bored.” was the response my previous employer and family gave when I accepted the Finance Director position at a community health clinic. Yet any job can be mundane if not innovatively shaped by arising opportunities. Unlike my previous auditing position which had less concrete hours, plenty of travel, and a variety of clients, this job was a standard Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, and no travel position in which I focus all my effort on one organization. I knew this organization was not the final stop on my career journey but it was an important stepping-stone along the way. As a bonus, the Finance Director position combined my skills and passion for helping others in a way auditing could not. During my time at the clinic, the Executive Director was diagnosed with lymphoma, the same disease that had taken his grandfather. Ordinarily, during the director’s extended absences, the Operations Officer fills the Executive Director’s shoes. However, shortly after the announcement of the medical condition, the Operations Officer resigned. Consequently, department managers were given greater …show more content…

One afternoon the Nurse Manager entered my office, clearly very upset. The manager had late-ordered vaccine for flu season and all 800 vials shipped to the Elk Point clinic, leaving the other two clinics without the vaccine. Patients were coming in for influenza and pneumonia injections, only to become frustrated with receptionists and nursing staff. A solution was needed fast. The nurse manager profusely apologized and expressed how she lost sleep worrying the vials would not arrive in time. She had worked at the clinic for thirty-five years and simply made a mistake. I calmly assured her the vials would be distributed immediately and the situation remedied. I promised to deliver vaccine personally to clinics if there were no other way to transport it – which happened to be the

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