Personal Narrative: A Change In My Worldview

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A Change in My Worldview Throughout the land of freedom the common practice is for couples, whether married or not, to have multiple little ankle biters. Growing up here in the United States I did not know a life without siblings. I was constantly surrounded by other kids in my home; those kids being my two pain in the butt brothers, Zachary and Garrett. The concept of being an only child sounded like paradise to me, but sadly that lifestyle was not an option. That was until I watched the two people I wanted to move out so badly actually pack their suitcases and mosey their way out the door. No, my parents did not kick them out of the house, but, as most young adults do, they were heading off to college. Three years ago, my world flipped upside down when I was able to grasp the life of an only child by the shoulders! My oldest brother, Zachary, made the decision to relocate at Indiana University Bloomington after attending The University of Southern Indiana for two years. This was the same year that my other …show more content…

There was some hustle and bustle in the kitchen that worked as my alarm clock that morning. With a few groans, an extensive stretch, and a yank of my comforter, I rolled out my warm bed and onto the icy hardwood floor. I reached for a sweatshirt in the pile of clothes stacked at the foot of my bed before I sauntered to the kitchen to see what the ruckus was. I was delighted to see four people fixing and drinking their coffee instead of just the usual two! Zach and Garrett had returned home for break the night before and this was the first I had seen of them. Sleepily, I made my way to the closest bar stool where Zach was sitting and wrapped an arm around his neck; “Did you miss me, bubby?,” I joked. In all reality, I was the one who had been waiting for them to finally be home. I sat down adjacent to him, next to my mom, and denied the coffee I was offered like

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