Personal Narrative: A Modest Proposals

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I rush into my home and run up the stairs to my room. I jump on my bed and roll over to my laptop and open it quickly. I log onto the One Direction site and see that I made it in time to see the bid. I scroll and try and find my name and I see I'm in third place for the tickets and the time is running out. I've already bid $7000 for three tickets and backstage passes. The reason it's so expensive is because these passes are the last set of passes for their concert. 5sos is also playing so we would be meeting two bands and hearing both of them play.

I see that the highest bid is $15000 and sigh. There is no way I can beat that. But, I dumbly bid in $20000. I went to first and the timer was counting down from ten. I hope nobody bids and I hope my mom doesn't actually kill me. Oh, I know she will. I have the money but it's for college not a concert. Oh
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"I bid $20000." I mumble and she screams into the phone. "What! You're an idiot!"

"Hey!" I yell in defense. "You are so lucky we aren't in person or else you would already be 10 feet underground." she growls and I bite my lip. "I'm sorry but it's for her. Please don't be mad. The concert is in three days and you get to meet 8 very hot boys." I remind.

"Yeah yeah whatever. Just don't tell her yet let's tell her at school tomorrow." I nod even though she can't see me. "Okay sounds good."

We say our goodbyes and I rush back over to my computer. I enter my information and do all that jazz. I run downstairs to tell my mom but then I notice she's not home. She really never is though. She's not busy working or out buying food for us. No, not at all. She's down the street buying random people shots with our electric bill money. She's probably going to go home with some man and not return for a week.

I look around the living room and see beer bottles on the floor and the tv still on. I grab a trash bag and begin cleaning up her mess like I always have and always
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