Personal Narrative Analysis: Star Athletes

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The Pride will be defending their territory for the fifth time tonight, the coach called for a time out and we gathered around making sure that everyone got water and was staying hydrated. The huddle broke and the went to line up as they had done hundreds of times just this season. We watched on anxious feet from the sidelines as the ball was snapped and the opposing teams quarterback got into position to pass the ball to his receiver that was 60 yards down the field. The ball was thrown in a perfect spiral and was headed directly for the receivers hands. Just as the ball was in it's descent into the receivers hands, our star safety came from the opposite side of the field and intercepted the ball. Although it was normal for our safety to intercept …show more content…

One of our star athletes ran a 70 yard touchdown but came off the field after the play and couldn't seem to catch his breath. One of star running backs had respiratory problems, which caused him to be out every other play. Even though our team flattered without him, everyone but the head coach knew that it was better to have him healthy that to have him play the whole game. Moments later, Chandler ran for a 45 yard touchdown, which gave Chandler the lead. Moral was down with our team as most of our starters were injured and the small portion that weren't injured were too afraid of getting hurt to make big plays. Everything changed when our punt returner and wide receiver went for a diving pass in the end zone and caught it. The crowd went wild as he stood up and seemed to smiled at our team. But our dreams were crushed when the referee called the play and incomplete pass. The crowd, the team, and the coaches were all outraged by the call and pointed to the jumbo-Tron which showed a clear Mountain Pointe touchdown. Since this was high school football, reviewing of calls is not allowed which meant that we had to deal with the first call that they gave us. Ten minutes after the dream crushing call, the Mountain Pointe Pride were defeated by Chandler and we had to walk passed the state title team on our way back to locker room. The bandaged, bruised, and banged up Pride were crushed as they gathered their things and left the University of Phoenix stadium. In the next few days, the football team would not speak to anyone and the school was quieter than usual. Even though we were severely upset about losing the game, we still applauded the team for making it as far as they did in the

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