Personal Narrative : Dreams : A Dream As A Dream

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Looking back on that night, it seems more like a dream than a reality. And yet, it must have been real. Dreams don't feel that real. Plus, I still have his flower... Let me explain:

It was the night of the school dance, and I was furious. Why? Because not a single one of the stupid guys in my stupid class had asked me to the dance. Which was totally unfair. Most of the girls here were vacuous ignoramuses who's entire existence was comprised of whining about things that didn't matter and no one cared about and talking about which guys were cuter. And me, the only reasonably smart girl in class who actually knew anything? I didn't have a date. Not that I liked any of the guys here, but they could have at least had the decency to ask me. …show more content…

This time as I stood up and walked to the door with a lot more caution. Then I opened the door as little as possible and slipped outside into the cool night air.
A couple of deep breaths later I was sitting with my back against one of the trees planted outside our gymnasium, which was currently our dance hall, staring up at the sky. The night was gorgeous. Stars were everywhere in the vast welkin (I loved that word), more than I'd ever seen before. Most of the life I could remember had been spent in the city, where the sky was nothing but black on nights. When I'd moved here last winter, the thousands of little lights that appeared every night had enchanted me. They were quite possibly the only good thing about moving to Eastside.

Back at home I'd had good friends, things to do, places I could go. Here me and my dad were replacing a loved family that had moved away because their oldest daughter had died here and they couldn't bear the place anymore. So people thought of us as uncaring and rude because we'd replaced them. Because dad had finally gotten together enough money to buy a house in the country. That had been his and mom's dream.

Needless to say, we weren't very popular. Some of the girls were nice, but they made certain I knew it was only out of a sense of duty, not because they liked me. And eventually, when I didn't encourage their stupid, fake conversation or try and fit into their cliques, I was branded as weird and

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