Personal Narrative : Driving A Car

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Today one of my dreams had come to reality and that was driving a car. Well not really driving but taking control of the wheel. I had been begging my oldest brother, Erik, for a very long time to teach me few things about driving and
I guess he finally decided to let me give it a go. It all started after we had got done working out at Planet Fitness for a straight four hours. We were kind of worn out so I asked Erik, “Can I get the Gatorades in the back and, by the way, I call the watermelon, Gatorade. They only had two left; one has a taste I do not like while the other have a delicious taste to it. So why not call on the Gatorades.
So my twenty five year old brother decides to put up a fuss about it. “If I can’t have it nobody can have it,” Erik said unhappily. “You are blowing it right now as a matter of fact, have it, dirt bag” I said very unhappily. “Hmmm this drank so good!!” Erik said happily trying to tease by drinking it right in front of me. Meanwhile, I am making a cringe face while drinking one of the most distasteful gatorade made in history. “Well let’s head back home and get some rest” Erik said.
While on the way home, me and Erik just made funny jokes.“ What do you call an insect that make money moves?” a cardi b!! Erik said laughingly.“Haaaaaaa you have any other jokes Erik? I said. “I have plenty of jokes for you to laugh at,” Erik said. It was joke after joke after joke laughing so hard I couldn’t even breathe. “Erik, Erik, tell more you hella funny bro”
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