Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Ghana

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Growing up in Ghana, West Africa in a large family, I was one of 9 children the 8th and the 4th girl; I faced a unique challenge in a culture where boys were the focus pertaining to proper education. As fate will have it, an incident in my early school years interrupted the pattern whereby not much taught is put in the education of girls, particularly in a large families. My sisters went to the local public school and if they finish the high school education and they are driven, then my dad will pay for them to go to a vocational school to learn trades such as dress making, hairdressing etc, others could choose a commercial school and learn to become secretaries. I believe this was suppose to be the course for my education. Incidentally, …show more content…

Looking back, the opportunity in disguise was the move to the US. Eventually, I worked for an NGO in New York that shared an office at the United Nations Plaza annex buildings. A few years went by and I got married. Particularly, after the birth of my daughter, my resolve to give the necessary foundation and support for her to succeed in life was my goal. For this purpose, I read to her and invested in a $1000 worth of bed time stories and books she will grown up with including how to raise kids and a set of encyclopedia. Admittedly, this was not money we spent casually but for me at that point, it symbolized the sacrifice we were willing to make to set her up for success. Notably; reading bed time stories to her paid off when she started a parochial school and had no difficulty with her work. Similarly, another opportunity presented itself for her to enroll in an academic enrichment program in Harlem. In this case, I carefully weighed the commitment it was going to require for me to commute from Queens to Harlem on a daily basis during the summer and then on Saturdays during the school week. Certainly, the opportunity out weighed the sacrifice therefore we enrolled her in the enrichment program with the sole purpose of getting into an independent school in Manhattan. …show more content…

The organization I worked for provides services for people with developmental disability. Eventually, I made my mark by helping transform the behaviors of some of the individuals we serve in the residence I worked at. As a result, when the company was going about to introduce lifestyle change to the workers to cut back on health insurance premium, I was invited to that meeting, to help brainstorm some of the effective ways to advocate for a health and well being. For this purpose, I was invited to participate in the company sponsored wellness fairs in the tri-state area and Westchester County. Accordingly, this new found niche sparked a new interest for me to further my education particularly in the field of health and behavior. Because, I was contemplating on how I could position myself to be a part of the wellness professional and the demand for their services, when I came across an invitation from Allied Health for Direct Support staff to apply for an opportunity to train as a Health Coaches and Care Coordinators, I took advantage of the opportunity and applied. Hence, when we dropped off our daughter at

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