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My ability to continue to make progress as a student at SPC has been due to the combination of financial aid, the Women on the Way Program, and scholarships. Even though I am still struggling very hard, the progress I have been able to achieve has brought me closer to my dream of earning my degree. The ability to further my educational development makes my disability seem insignificant because I am constantly moving forward and my future looks bright. I am no longer fearful or apprehensive as my feelings of insecurity have taken a backseat to the pride I now feel about the success I have made so far. I am still very heavily involved in tutoring and I use some of the awarded scholarship money to purchase materials and teaching aids in order …show more content…

If I could work, things might be easier but after suffering a severe injury, it limited my ability to support myself. For these reasons, I need all the support I can get. I am on a different career path now; one that won’t require strenuous physical challenges but will allow me to return to gainful employment. My short term academic goals include the completion of my AS, and my long range goals include the development of a multi-faceted business that will aid individuals with physical disabilities (Assisted Living Facility) and that will also help facilitate the needs of our city’s homeless population. Being disabled myself helps me to understand how hard it is for these individuals and how important it is for them to receive help. Because I have a strong background as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I will be able to readily identify the needs of my patients, and to maintain highly professional staff who will provide adequate and professional nursing …show more content…

Receding support from SPC will enable me to stick to both my short and long term goals. I am determined to achieve both my short-term and long-term goals and I know I can accomplish this if I can continue to receive the academic and financial support I have received thus far. I am grateful for the support I have been given via the Disability Program. However, I have a much stronger desire and commitment towards becoming an independent entrepreneur and helping people in need of critical health care

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