Personal Narrative: Homework And Memory

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While sitting on the ground in our living room watching Disney channel, I heard the front door open and close, and then the shuffling of shoes across the hall. As I turned off the TV and peered around the corner, I saw my brother just getting home from school. Before he had the chance to put down his backpack, our mother appeared from the stairs and asked him, “How was that physics test? Did you remember everything you learned last night?” I saw him look down at his feet, twiddling his thumbs. Within seconds, our mother was infuriated and scolded, “This is what happens when you procrastinate and don’t do homework until the day before the test. Your father and I pulled an all-nighter with you in hopes that you would learn and actually understand the information. Start focusing on school, and less on your video games! You need to do your homework!” With that, our mother shook her head and walked back up the stairs.…show more content…
Was this how my brother’s life would be like in the future, so misguided and hopeless? Was I to follow in his footsteps? Since I’ve been surrounded in such toxic situations throughout my life, it only seemed logical that I would be a replica of my brother. Except, that’s what made me scared. Both the constant yelling from my parents and the defiance from my brother led me to be silent vocally and socially. The only way to cope with the lasting negativity in my family was by staying mute and disconnected with the outside
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