Personal Narrative-I Believe In Playing Soccer

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I believe in playing soccer. When I was younger I would always see my cousins playing soccer or saw the sport itself on the television it was mostly played by men. I use to believe girls didn’t play that sport it was just another sport girls weren’t able to play like football. I would always enjoy sitting next to my dad while the United States played against Mexico. On the other hand my mom and my sister would keep on telling my dad to change the channel and put something that is actually interesting. But we would both ignore them and just put up the volume. Soccer first called my attention when I went to Mexico I was about 6 years old and I saw my neighbors kicking the ball around. I sat in the porch watching them and they would scream “Goal” when the ball passed the two cans on each side. My mom saw me once and asked if I wanted to join I didn’t hesitate to answer yes. She asked them if I could join and I remember their exact look…show more content…
Well I finally discover the true love and passion I have for soccer two years later when I was 8 years old. My parents finally decided to put me in a team called “Princess” I would go to every practice and always tried to get my parents in the car at time so we would never be late to games. I played defence and scraped my knees sometimes trying to get the ball out of our side. But I never knew what I was actually capable of until my coach had a job and had to leave coaching for a while and one my teammates parent decided to step in. I was so use to playing defence but he wanted to make things different and he believe I would do even better at forward. The next game I played forward score every single goal winning the game I never understood why people seem so happy to score until that day. Seeing the ball slowly roll in the back of the net and every single parents and kids raise from their seats and start clapping nonstop and screaming my name has been the most amazing feeling I have felt in my
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