Personal Narrative-I Log-Flop And So Should You

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I flip-flop, and so should you

Let me get that straight: I’ve never liked Hillary Clinton in the first place.
When I gave all I had to help elect President Obama — okay, no more than a bunch of empty words, and worse, in my native Portuguese that nobody reads — back in 2008, I mentioned something like “crocodile tears,” concerning her theatrical reaction to women’s pain, or to a particular woman’s pain: her own.
Today, when I see her flip-flopping to fulfill some empty expectations of her thirsty audience, I have nothing to add, although I might have, if I chose to believe what the opposite press consistently says about her.
So you could ask, what the heck is “opposite press”?
Back in 2008, I have to confess, I hated Fox News with all my might, just as it’s hated today by the so-called “leftists.” I mean the “opposite” media. Back then I did not hesitate to …show more content…

And then there is Donald Trump.
I started to pay attention to the man because my husband happened to like him at some point. And no, my husband is not part of the #middleagedwhitemanmatters crew with their hateful rumblings, mainly because he’s not middle-aged anymore. He is just plain old. I could say, “old and wise,” exactly the type that convinces you, in a wink of an eye, that he’s “always right,” and that would do him some justice. So it was curious to see that when the presidential candidate was viciously attacked by his “own party,” he started to... flip-flop. Oh my.
Between you and me, if we were to flip now, who would we flop to? Ted Cruz?
“Cruz credo,” I would say, in my native Portuguese that nobody reads. Which would translate into “God forbid,” or “knock on wood.” Speaking of which, politics is not some “gift of God” matter, no matter what all these humanly flawed candidates dare to

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